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JSC-01-5A Series Split-Core Current Transformer

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Product Description

This model of the JSC-01 series of split-core current transformer by J&D provides a 5A output based on the current provided at the source. The JSC is designed for use with power meters, distribution systems, control panels, Switchgear as well as other equipment. The JSC is ideal for distributed measurement systems and can be easily installed into existing installations, established buildings, and  non-interruptible equipment thanks to its split-core design. The split-core design allows the JSC to be connected around the source without having to disconnect and reconnect the source wire. In addition, the JSC has an over-voltage circuit installed which provides extra safety and reliability.

• Input: 100-400Aac
• Output: 5Aac
• Sizes: 38mm  (click here to view the 73mm and 141mm sizes)
• Connection: 2m black and white twisted pair leads
• Form factor: Split-core

• Switchgear
• Power meter
• Distributed measurement systems
• General sets
• Control panels


• Faster installation
• Competitively priced
• Sturdy long lasting units


• High quality accurate power measurement
• Available in a wide range of power ratings
• Accuracy up to Class 0.5S


  • If the core contact surface is hit the internal core material can be damaged and effect accuracy.(Ø10, Ø16, Ø24 type) The core material contact surface is waterproof; however, it can rust, after removing the rust with WD-40 or CRC5-56 it is still usable.(Ø36 type)
  • Do not use any other chemicals except WD-40 or CRC5-56 on housing or any other parts
  • Output wires can be special ordered up to 100 feet long

Lead Time

  • 4 weeks


JSC-01-5A Series Current Transformer Spec Sheet


certification3 certification2 certification1

Model List

  • JSC-XX-5A
  • JSC-01-XXX-5A