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JS32L-1A Series Precision Outdoor Current Transformer


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Product Description

The JS32L-1A series waterproof current sensor is designed for installation to any existing wiring. Installation can be achieved without the need to disconnect or re-wire cables. This split-core current sensor is waterproof and suitable for outdoor or underground applications. The JS32L-1A series of precision outdoor, split-core current transformer by J&D offers a 1 Amp output signal based on the model and ratio to the source current. The JS32L-1A series is designed to be directly connected to a meter to eliminate the need for internal CTs yet provide accurate readings. This allows the same meter to be used to sense sources with various currents traveling through them. The JS32L-1A includes an over-voltage protection circuit which provides an added level of safety to the unit.

• Input: 300-600Aac
• Output: 1Aac  (click here to view the 5Aac outdoor transformer)
• Size: 32mm  (click here to view the 21mm size)
• Connection: 2m protected lead wire
• Form factor: Split-core

• Energy sub – meter
• Power meters
• Power quality monitoring
• HVAC & pumps, etc
• Distributed measurement system

• The connections between the core surfaces are sealed with a rubber gasket that prevents water and debris from entering the unit
• The transformer cases are UV stabilized thermoplastic to withstand years of direct sunlight without becoming brittle or being damaged
• Waterproof (IP67 or IP65 Option)
• Split-core design

• Small-size, light-weight
• Simple installation
• Over-voltage protection circuit is installed for safety

• The core material contact surface is waterproof; however, it can rust, after removing the rust with WD-40 or CRC5-56 it is still usable
• Do not use any chemicals other than WD-40 or CRC5-56 on housing or any other parts
• Output leads can be customized in any length up to 100 feet

Lead Time
• 4 weeks


JS32L-1A series – Waterproof Current Sensor Spec Sheet





Model List

  • JSXXL-1A
  • JS32L-1A