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JM21NH-V Hall Current Sensor Split-Core AC/DC Current Transducer


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Product Description

The JM21NH-V is an AC or DC current transducer also known as a Hall current sensor or a Hall effect current sensor, is a split-core current transducer. Using Hall effect technology the JM21NH-V detects and transmit electrical currents. Together with a compatible meter users can track real time power usage. There are countless needs for real time power monitoring, some of which are listed below.

Using a split-core design this current transducer is used for the electronic measurement of AC or DC waveform currents, with galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (power) and the secondary circuit (measurement). 0-5V DC output proportional to the RMS value of the primary current.

Main characteristics
• Current transformer and RMS circuit in a single case
• Choice of primary current ranges: 5 to 250A
•Output: 0-5V
• Accuracy: <2% of nominal primary current
• Bandwidth: 50/60 Hz

• Building automation and supervision
• Environmental safety and condition monitoring
• HVAC & pumps
• Refrigeration
• Small industrial motors
• Fans
• Lighting

• Self-powered and loop-powered versions
• Operating range: -20°C to +60°C
• Isolation test voltage: 3.5kV RMS / 50Hz / 1min
• Sensing aperture: 21mm (for non-contact measurement)
• UL94-V0 recognized materials
• AC or DC sensing capability

• High isolation between primary and secondary circuits for accuracy
• Compact case
• Cost-effective solution
• Easy installation


JM21NH-V Series Spec Sheet


Model List

  • JM21NH-005-V
  • JM21NH-010-V
  • JM21NH-020-V
  • JM21NH-025-V
  • JM21NH-050-V
  • JM21NH-075-V
  • JM21NH-100-V
  • JM21NH-150-V
  • JM21NH-200-V
  • JM21NH-250-V