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JC24S-2 Split-Core Current Transformer

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Product Description

The split-core current transformer design is used for energy efficiency monitoring and automation applications. This includes sub-metering cost allocation, dynamic energy consumption and peak load analysis. The JC series of current transformer is simple to use, compact split-core design which is easily installed for metering applications. This is ideal for distributed measurement systems and can be retro-fitted into existing installations and non-interruptible equipment as there is no requirement for disconnection and reconnection of wiring.


  • Input: 300Aac
  • Output: 150mAac
  • Sizes: 24mm
  • Connection: Screw terminals (optional add-on leads)
  • Form Factor: Split-Core


  • Energy sub – meter
  • Power meters
  • Power quality monitoring
  • HVAC & Pumps, etc
  • Distributed measurement system


  • Small-size, light-weight
  • Simple Installation
  • Over-Voltage protection circuit is installed


  • Nylon-spring, output-terminal, secure locking hinge, one-touch structure makes easy installation in existing equipment such as a power distribution boards
  • Isolated plastic case recognized according to UL94-V0
  • UL / EN 61010 -1 certified


  • Core contact surface is waterproofed, however if it gets rusty, you could reuse after removing rusts with spraying WD-40 or CRC5-56 on the rusted side
  • Please use only the original output screws. Not recommanded to replace it with anything else
  • Customizing output lead wire



JC24S-2 Series Split-Core Current Transformer Spec Sheet


certification2 certification1 certification3

Model List

  • JC24S-XXX/ XXX