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Modbus AC Watt Meter – Multi-GEM 12 by J&D

MSRP: $349

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Product Description

The Multi-GEM 12 AC Watt Meter features 12-ports with Modbus Protocol for AC Current Metering.

The Multi-GEM 12 AC Watt meter is designed for commercial and residential use.  It offers professional class features for a very reasonable price. With one meter and 12 current transducers the Multi-GEM 12 is well suited for small to medium sized jobs. If there are more than 12 sources that need monitoring, multiple meters can be used together.  Alternatively, see our Multi-GEM 18 which offers more inputs, a temperature sensor, as well as more protocol options.

The Multi-GEM 12 is a twelve port meter that communicates via Modbus/TCP or Modbus/WiFi. It can be used with up to 415 Vac (L-L) and these configurations:
* 1P2W
* 1P3W
* 3P3W
* 3P4W

The Multi-GEM 12 can track:
* Voltage (V)
* Current (A)
* Power Factor
* Frequency (Hz)
* Power (W)
* Watt Hours (Wh)
* Unbalance factor
* Voltage Sag/Swell
* Current/Voltage THD

The Multi-GEM 12 is a 0.5 S Class accuracy multi-channel Modbus AC Watt meter conforming to IEC62053-22. It can be used in commercial settings as a 4-channel meter with a 3P4W configuration.  With 1P2W configurations you can monitor up to 12 channels.

The Multi-GEM 12 comes in two versions. The first uses Modbus/Ethernet for connectivity, the second uses Modbus/WiFi connection.

When shopping for CTs to use with this meter, look for AC Amp Input, AC Voltage Output.  These CTs carry this symbol on our website:aac-vac


Click here to download the Multi-Gem installation Software.


  • Multi Channel Power Meter (Multi-GEM 12) is able to measure and monitor several different electricity currents simultaneously.
  • Up to 12 single phase or 4 Three-Phase signals can be measured with one Multi-GEM 12.
  • Measurement: V (L-N, L-L), A, Hz, PF, Unbalance, Power(P,Q,S), Energy (P,Q,S).
  • 1.0/.05 Class accuracy for power measurement confirmed by IEC61557-12.
  • Flexible application for the single phase /three -phase four-wire / three-phase three-wire sources.
  • Flexible application for the single phase 2wires / 3phase 4wires / 3phase 3wires power line.
  • Sag/Swell/Over Current/Temp Alarm for added safety.
  • Total Harmonics Distortion (THD)
  • Support Ethernet (Modbus TCP) or Wi-Fi. (depending on version)
  • Support Cloud energy platform.
  • Compact siz for easy installation in narrow space (62 x 96 x 56 mm).