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October new iSAST Wi-GEM

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Wireless Green Energy Meter, Wi-GEM utilizes in Zigbee telecommunication solution. It is used for industrial application like factory, building automation and SCADA as well. Wi-GEM is consisted of EMU (Energy Meter Unit), EMR (Energy Meter Router), EMC (Energy Meter Coordinator) and iSaST open CTs such as split CTs or flexible Rogowski coils by customer need. Customer can choose their lines from single phase to 3phase 3lines / 3phase 4lines for metering.

It measures effective energy consumption in real time to monitor current, voltage or consumption power. You can set up time to collect data. After installation of Wi-GEM system, all data will be sent to data server through Wi-GEM wireless network (Zigbee and combined Ethernet network).

So, we can do monitoring how power flows and get qualified energy consumption. Installation is simple and easy as well without any disconnection of live power line as much as compact design. As advantage, you can also make your own software to read each value as you want with our open protocol service.

It supports voltage THD V1, V2, V3, Vavg and Current THD I1, I2, I3, Iavg and also support Harmonics from 2nd up to 63rd.
The accuracy of Wi-GEM is 1.0 class to meet IEC62053-21 with CAT III & CE, UL approval.


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