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November New split-core outdoor rogowski coil CTs (JRF MOI SERIES)

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Conventional split-core outdoor Rogowski coil CT has the inherent problem of coil inductance tolerance, requiring additional software coding at the smart meter or transformer monitor to match the CT’s output. This problem causes inconvenience and extra cost because of the additional set up and configuration time at the meter or monitor, as well as additional configuration time when changing the rated current or installing a distribution transformer at a later point. In addition, the conventional split-core outdoor Rogowski coil CT accuracy is sensitive to magnetic fields.
In contrast, J&D’s new split-core outdoor Rogowski coil CTs, together with the built-in integrator, do not require a change to both the meter or monitor and the CT, but rather only the CT according to the rated current. In addition to this important advantage, the JRF MOI is more accurate than conventional Rogowski coil CTs and resistant to external magnetic fields.


Advanced benefits of the new CT compared to
conventional Rogowski CTs:spec-split-core
•  high accuracy with low-phase angle and linearity error due to
the built-in integrator
•  low position error with precise winding on air-core
•  low interference against magnetic field with superb shielding
•  durable in harsh weather with cable ties to fix it at the conductor
•  easy and fast installation with light weight


Recently, KEPCO KDN, one of Korea’s power utility service companies installed the JRF MOI series for a smart grid station in South Korea. This is just one of the successful business cases that have proved J&Ds high.

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