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November new Advanced split-core outdoor CTs (JOS SERIES)

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Conventional split-core CTs with a magnetic core have limitations. They are vulnerable to external environmental factors that erode the core affecting electric parameters, which can result in overvoltage and surges.
To avoid or lessen these problems, J&D has invented unique split-core outdoor CTs.


Advantages over conventional split-core CTs:specifications-current-transformer
• added gasket to prevent core erosion
• superior housing for strong durability
• low tolerance air-gap with an enhanced grinding of the cutting plane of the magnetic core
• includes overvoltage and surge protection circuits

Nuri Telecom, one of the power utility service companies in South Korea installed our JOS series for a pre-paid smart meter solution in Ghana, West Africa. The solution was very successful, once again proving J&Ds high performance and quality technology.

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