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J&D’s new product will be launched at the upcoming trade show, 2015 AHR Expo (#3741). The new product information if you want, please send an email to contact@hqsensing.com

The New JRF-RMS series exible Rogowski coil ac current transducer.the-new-jrf-rms
These exceptionally high-accuracy, 1.37” (35mm) to 19.68” (500mm) opening CTs have primary current 100A to 6,000A AC and secondary output 0-5V, 4-20mA DC, 333mV AC

The UL61010-1 recognized New JRF-RMS series for process control, status alarming or system monitoring purposes.

Simple to install and easy to retro t it combines the bene ts of a thin, exible, Split-core Rogowski coil with a signal conditioner providing accurate, true RMS measurement, of AC current for process control, status alarming or system monitoring purposes.

The JRF-RMS has an industry standard 4-20mA, 0-5V DC output making it ideal for process control, status alarming or system monitoring purposes. Typically the JRF-RMS is used with for SCADA systems, PLCs, data loggers and protection equipment.
The JRF-RMS is available as a single channel transducer (JRF-RMS) or as a 3 Channel Version (JRF-RMS-3phase)

The New JM21X-RMS series ac or dc split-core current transducer .the-new-JM21X-RMS
These exceptionally high-accuracy, 0.82” (21mm) opening CTs have primary current 5A to 250A AC or DC and secondary output 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA DC. The UL61010-1-recognized JM21X-RMS series for process control, status alarming or system monitoring purposes.

Compact and Easy installation, cost-effective of a split-core, JM21X-RMS provides accurate, true RMS measurement, of AC or DC current.

Typically the New JM21X-RMS series is designed for
Automation and Supervision (Current measurement
for process regulation by distributed PLCs or remote control), Safety and Condition Monitoring (load monitoring for protection systems and predictive maintenance), Energy management (Convenient connection to power consumption sub-meters), Battery banks, Power supplies, Electric heating elements.

new exible Rogowski coil CT with the built-in Integrator.the-progress-of-revenue
The JRF MOI series with the built-in integrator of reve- nue grade current transformers has been released. These exceptionally high-accuracy, 1.57” (40mm) to 4.13”(105mm) opening CTs have primary current 100A to 6000A AC and secondary output 333mV AC. The JRF MOI series complying with IEC61869-2 provide accuracies of ±1.0% from 5% to 120%, 150%, 200% of rated current for loads up to 6000 amps.
The UL61010-1 recognized New JRF-MOI series for power meter.

They meet IEEE/ANSI C57.13 class 1.2 accuracy or class 0.6 accuracy.

The device greatly simpli es installations to meet the
increasing demand for accurate current measurement
on conductors where traditional split-core and solid-core CTs are dif cult to use.
With its exible design, the JRF MOI series is perfect for large bus bars and irregular-shaped conductor bundles. The new JRF MOI series offers a small, exible pro le, enabling it to be used on conductors in tight spaces where rigid CTs won’t fit.

The revenue-grade accuracy of JRF MOI series exible Rogowski coil CT provide enhanced performance in current and power monitors as well as energy meters.

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