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How to Pick the Right Item

There are two important considerations, above all else, to look at when buying a current sensor:

1. What kind of input are you trying to monitor?
2. What kind of output do you want the sensor to have?

If you get either of these two elements wrong, you’re going to be disappointed when you install and use the current sensor. Other considerations, such as size, style, etc. are secondary.

The most popular current sensors we sell expect an AC current input and output an AC voltage. Although there are many different meters and each has its own input requirements, most power monitoring meters expect 333 mV AC current. If your meter expects a higher AC voltage, we can customize our product to meet your need. Simply add one of our “accessories” to your item, such as the 0-5V Output Option. Ensure that the number of these that you order matches the number of current sensors you are ordering as well.