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What is a Current Transducer and What Types Do You Sell?

A current transducer modifies the input on a primary conductor to a different type of signal on the secondary conductor. In the strictest sense, even AC voltage output devices are current transducers.

So why should you care? It’s critical that you understand the input signal type and the output signal type when purchasing. More of our RMAs come from a misunderstanding of this concept than from anything else.

Transducers can operate passively (without external power) or operate actively with external power.

We sell the following transducers:

  1. Aac input -> Vac output
  2. Aac input -> Vdc output
  3. Aac input -> 4-20 mA output
  4. Adc input -> Vdc output
  5. Vac input -> 4-20 mA output
  6. Vac input -> Vdc output

#1 can work passively whereas the rest require external power. With #3 and #5 the excitation power typically comes from the DC loop that is created with the meter. #2-6 require some sort of electronic board to convert the signal (often the reason the external power was required to begin with).