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October new How To Choose Between Split-core CT And RCT for Power And Energy Monitoring

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iSAST OPEN CT Engineers of power and energy monitoring systems are concerned about choosing split-core current transformers (CTs) for high quality measurement without disconnection of the power line and problems pertaining to temperature change or vibration and installation safety. J&D’s split-core CTs are available as iSaST OPEN CTs with a magnetic core and iSaST OPEN […]

October new iSAST Wi-GEM

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Wireless Green Energy Meter, Wi-GEM utilizes in Zigbee telecommunication solution. It is used for industrial application like factory, building automation and SCADA as well. Wi-GEM is consisted of EMU (Energy Meter Unit), EMR (Energy Meter Router), EMC (Energy Meter Coordinator) and iSaST open CTs such as split CTs or flexible Rogowski coils by customer need. […]